Sports betting: Sure Bets

A great lure for betting beginners who however has a few hooks are the “safe bet” (English: sure bet). In general, it is desirable to have betting accounts with several bookmakers or betting offices to use the different rates. In some cases, it might even be worth so much that by creative positioning of the inserts makes a profit, no matter how the game ends. However, the odds of betting agencies involved have to differ greatly.

That comes with the large, reputable bookmakers rather rare, and then only for very short periods, required experience and quick response and a high betting capital to secure the win as 1-3% then at least brings in a significant amount. It should be noted at Sure Bets from different providers that have these same terms and conditions, so as abandoned matches do not count different ways and the stakes are lost. The commissions on betting exchanges must also be involved (which is often forgotten) as transaction costs (deposit and withdrawal fees). The gain is usually small.

Live betting strategies to betting exchanges

As mentioned above you have to slip on the betting exchanges such as Betfair and William Hill the opportunity to become the bookmaker and betting offer. This, coupled with the fact that in betting exchanges many live betting markets are available, resulting in entirely new sports betting strategies are possible, aiming retract a secure profit even before the game is over. Someone, for example, can leave before the game to a high rate a bet on the underdog, and then to tracks the game on television. If after 20-30 minutes it is still 0-0 or possibly even the outsider has taken the lead, the odds of an outsider are strong and you can now offer a bet on the underdog.

Thus the profit by the ratio difference between the two bets already is backed up and you can watch the rest of the game comfortably.

Over and under strategies

Also popular are the Over-and under betting where you bet on the number of goals in a game (more or less than 2.5 goals). Strategies in this area are aimed heavily on statistical observations.

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