Sports betting: Sure Bets

A great lure for betting beginners who however has a few hooks are the “safe bet” (English: sure bet). In general, it is desirable to have betting accounts with several bookmakers or betting offices to use the different rates. In some cases, it might even be worth so much that by creative positioning of the inserts makes a profit, no matter how the game ends. However, the odds of betting agencies involved have to differ greatly.

That comes with the large, reputable bookmakers rather rare, and then only for very short periods, required experience and quick response and a high betting capital to secure the win as 1-3% then at least brings in a significant amount. It should be noted at Sure Bets from different providers that have these same terms and conditions, so as abandoned matches do not count different ways and the stakes are lost. The commissions on betting exchanges must also be involved (which is often forgotten) as transaction costs (deposit and withdrawal fees). The gain is usually small.

Live betting strategies to betting exchanges

As mentioned above you have to slip on the betting exchanges such as Betfair and William Hill the opportunity to become the bookmaker and betting offer. This, coupled with the fact that in betting exchanges many live betting markets are available, resulting in entirely new sports betting strategies are possible, aiming retract a secure profit even before the game is over. Someone, for example, can leave before the game to a high rate a bet on the underdog, and then to tracks the game on television. If after 20-30 minutes it is still 0-0 or possibly even the outsider has taken the lead, the odds of an outsider are strong and you can now offer a bet on the underdog.

Thus the profit by the ratio difference between the two bets already is backed up and you can watch the rest of the game comfortably.

Over and under strategies

Also popular are the Over-and under betting where you bet on the number of goals in a game (more or less than 2.5 goals). Strategies in this area are aimed heavily on statistical observations.

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Betting strategies, which promise success

There are many different strategies in order to succeed at sports betting. Feelings of loyalty is not a good counsellor, rather facts and a lot of experience in their field of sport. In many forums and portals on the Internet, there are detailed descriptions and tips from other betting enthusiasts, as they get their profits. Try those that will appear in person at best, beginning with smaller inserts and increase when you can really have success with it. It is it not a completely safe game, you need in spite of good design and analysis. Therefore, one should never put /especially beginners/ everything on just one sport or individual encounter competition results, but to spread his bets on matches. Therefore, some general and well-known strategy approaches:

Betting on favourites

The strategy is always to bet on favourites only has many followers, but for most weather in reality is not very advisable. Of course, you win his bets very often, if you bet only on the big clubs like Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter Milan, but correspondingly the odds are low for this victory.

Take advantage of the bonus promotions online bookies

Other punters use the bonus promotions of online betting agencies to achieve profits with very little use. Many bookmakers offer on first deposits of a bonus or Free Chips (free bets) to recruit customers. Then the prescribed minimum turnover can often be divided into matches with low risk, so that the starting capital and the largest possible part of the bonus will remain intact. Then you can withdraw the deposit and only (practically the money the bookmaker) with the further bonus bet. By opening multiple betting accounts, can come together here every single time.

System bets instead folds

Combination bets are very popular, you can still dream for the high combined ratios of very large profits. However, the chance of this is thus low. While you can make it in individual games (for single bets) thoroughly assess the probabilities better than the bookmakers, it would be extremely difficult to reach the game for 4 or 5. Our advice is therefore though combos then combine only 2 or 3 games and no more! Higher combinations should only be played in betting system, because then you can sometimes “fall” a game and it still makes a profit.

How do I start with sports betting?

Where can I learn to be successful with sports betting? As a beginner, you should start with a low capital as at times only to gain experience. It is of course essential to learn about the latest results and standings in the respective sport and analyse the balance sheets of the athletes and sports teams closely. About Internet can standings, results and statistics are available. Also often live scores and Live Scores are offered with which current sports events can be followed live.

On many internet portals, you can learn in addition to or interact with other punters. Expert and user tips and background information are valuable information for a successful bet.

Especially recommended is the sports betting portal betting base and here with very many and complex information countless sports betting strategies are presented. Here you can pick out the most appealing person or pick up many ideas for your own betting strategies.

In addition, there is a free email course is offered. “Better bet in 7 days” is this and is particularly suitable for beginners betting. It is for example in front of a bet consider the following issues: – How far are the athletes / teams apart in the table / statistics? – The game / competition. It comes to the unpredictable weather conditions (e.g. rain, snow, wind). Which factors are favourable / unfavourable for the athlete / team (e.g. as new coach, current or past injuries, work pressure, frequent changes in the team line, conflicts or other problems).

Based on the collected data and facts and personal experiences must then probabilities are estimated and then these probabilities with the offered rates (which we already know how to express probabilities) are compared. An important rule is not to bet on such Schalke, because you are sure that Schalke win, but to bet on Schalke because you are sure that it is more likely that Schalke wins than the offered betting odds puts it.

The technical term for a rate that is higher than the actual probability is “value.” Because there are so many betting shops, we recommend a ratio comparison of the respective providers. Many sports betting portals offer such rate comparisons.